Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

We're a South African business-solutions firm that serves as the creative backbone to your growing business. We know what it’s like to start a business from scratch, and it’s because of this that we’re here to help. We work together with clients to conceive of new ideas, and implement them across a multitude of digital channels and platforms.

CMS-Driven Web Presence Solutions

At Foundry, we create attractive and functional websites for service-oriented businesses. In doing so, we get to know you and your business, allowing us to seamlessly communicate your brand's very essence to its target-market.

We give our full attention to the interface (design) and user experience of your website, making sure that your target-market sees the most important aspects of your business first, and allowing for smooth and logical flow to the details of those aspects.

In the ever-changing world of design and development, we build for the future and seek to use the latest and greatest technologies available. Our sites are powered by ProcessWire, a flexible, bendable, anythingable open-source content management framework, built by Ryan Cramer. We make good use of HTML5, CSS3 (and soon, CSS4), and JavaScript, and we take care to keep your site as fast as possible.

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